The Itinerary
of Djillali Mehri, an Algerian businessman.

Djillali Mehri was born on December 15th 1937 in the oasis of El-Oued in Algeria. He is married with six children.


Active in Algeria since 1962 in the fields of trade, real estate, tourism, hospitality, agriculture and industry, he extends its scope to international business in 1965.


In 1982, Mehri Djillali created the foundation "Daouïa" in the name and in honor of his mother, an association he chairs and which only benefits from his personal donations; Its objectives are to support children with serious illness and assistance to needy families. Through the foundation in Algeria, among others, Djillali Mehri has provided ambulances and equipped hospitals with hemodialysis machines and scanners.


In tribute to the painter Etienne Dinet for whom he is a fervent admirer and an important collector, as part of a private sponsorship
in France, it has long participated in the promotion of works of young painters of North African origin.

He is the owner of one of the most important collections of Orientalists works in the world and actively participated in 2003 in "Djazaïr, a year of Algeria in France", organizing an exhibition of a selection of his paintings at the “Hotel Dassault” on the Champs Elysees in Paris, entitled "Invitation au voyage". This event was the occasion for the publication by Djillali Mehri of an art book covering a selection of his collection, allowing these works to be shared  with the public.


As an investor, he created the GIMMO (Group of Investors of North Africa and Middle East). He is the main shareholder and founder of this foreign holding and is mandated to make investments.


Mehri Djillali having an extensive experience in the tourism industry, is actively involved in the development of this promising sector in Algeria. In January 2005, a partnership contract was signed with the ACCOR Group and the joint venture company SIEHA created to accomplish a hotel chain of middle class range establishments of IBIS and NOVOTEL types, covering the entire Algerian territory. The first hotel of the 24 scheduled opened in January 2009 at Algiers airport under the corporate name of IBIS and since then 6 new hotels (IBIS and NOVOTEL) entered into activity in Oran, Tlemcen, Constantine and Setif ; a NOVOTEL is actually under construction on the IBIS Algiers airport site.

Mehri Djillali already owns since 1967 a five star hotel, the "Royal Hotel", located in Oran. Very substantial rehabilitation works have been realized to make the establishment the flagship hotel in Algeria, positioning it among the great palaces of international repute.  The "Royal Hotel" has integrated the collection of exceptional hotels in the ACCOR network MGALLERY.


In El-Oued, "La Gazelle d'Or", a major luxury Saharan tourist complex of over 300 beds capacity with accommodation in villas and tents erected in a local architecture and equipped with a conference center of 500 seats opened on September 25th, 2016. On the same location, “La Coupole” (120 bedrooms) opened its doors at the same date; this last one being dedicated to satisfy a touristic and business clientele passing in El-Oued.







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